Onshape BETA - A web based CAD program

Hi Pinshape Community!

I just wanted to share which CAD system I have been using. I started out with FreeCAD, then moved to Autodesk 123D Design and now I am semi-settled with Onshape.

So far Onshape has been great, its web based and has a collaboration feature that has been just amazing when my brother and I are looking to design a product. Onshape is also very powerful even though it is web based. I don’t want to sit here and talk about all the features, I will however include the link to Onshape and encourage anyone looking for another free CAD system to take a look.

Its free to join, of course, they have set limits within the free accounts. I haven’t had an issue with the limits yet. Keep in mind its Onshape BETA currently and I don’t know what that will mean once they are out of beta. I hope a free option is kept around.

If you have any questions though I will do my best to answer them for you.

*I am by no means affiliated with Onshape. I have put this post up in order to help fellow users to find a great free alternative CAD system.

Just to add on to this, Pinshape is now integrated with Onshape! You can download the Pinshape app from Onshape and seamlessly upload any creations of yours to the Pinshape platform :slight_smile:


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