Nozzle won’t reach plate

I have a AnyCubic Delta 3D printer (one that isn’t an options in the beginning) and whenever I try to print something, the nozzle itself will rise all the way to the top, lower a bit, and start printing. Keep in mind that it is still far away from the plate that’s its supposed to print on, and is just producing strings of plastic. I’ve tried leveling it out, resetting everything, turning it on and off, but nothing seemed to work. The nozzle just isn’t going down enough to reach the plate, and just produces the plastic, which just falls down into a pile and curls around the nozzle. Is there something I’m missing? I’m fairly new at managing 3D printers and I haven’t found any records of this happening, so I’m a bit confused.

is your slicer set up correctly to manage a delta printer? To me this kind of issue seems a lot like a set up problem in the slicer.

Usually when you recceive a printer you get a micro SD card with a presliced model, try to print that and if it works it means that you will need to double check your slicer options.

I hope this will help you.

My Chiron did that to me yesterday after a long period of non-use. I had to recalibrate with the sensor and now it prints OK. It looks like their electronics may “forget” where the last calibration was (just guessing)

I’m having a similar problem. I level the bed, print one of the files from the included micro SD, and everything is fine. I download a file to print, and the nozzle is around 5mm from the surface. I’m using the slicer included on the original micro SD, as well. I’m completely new to this, so maybe it’s a stupid question, but are there printer settings, like nozzle height, that are included in the files? If so, what’s the best way to override them?

Using a Creality Ender 5 and included Creality slicer.