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[NOT A BUG] Slowww scrolling

scrolling to see picswhen i want to browse the designs is painfully slow that i dont continue … u need to fix this… thingiverse has no problems scrolling…


Hey guys,

This is definitely on our to-do list! We do know that past page 15, the site does significantly slow down. A work-around I’ve personally used (and it’s not the most convenient), is to refresh the page making sure that your URL is on the page you’re on (e.g. It’ll speed things up again as it clears the cached pages so you can continue to scroll down. Not the best method, but just something I’ve been using.

We do hope to speed things up in the near future!

Ok, can you share the settings of it, where can find out the different things about it. Also check UFABET where can explore out the different things about it.