Nora Valkyrie weapon from RWBY for Cosplay

Anyone able to design Nora’s Magnhild? Would love to try printing out a Cosplay prop— heading to a convention in April! It’s a gun that extends into a hammer, but pretty sure I’ll just be carrying the huge hammer instead of worrying about how it can fold into a gun!

Video of the weapon in action: - YouTube

Easy. Well, I say easy. What I mean is I’m capable of producing that accurately, but it’ll cost you.There’s probably 8 hours of modeling and a lot of printing, most of which is charged by volume.

You can reach out to me here if you’re interested.

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I could help send me a message here I do alot of props and toy design for 3d printing and injection molding email is [email protected] or facebook…

Thanks for reaching out guys! I have since decided to make the prop with foam, mainly due to the weight of the finished product and me having to drag it around a convention for 10 hours :'D Was pretty excited about 3D printing a prop for the first time, but I guess I should save that experience for a smaller prop.

Good choice.

3D printing has it’s advantages. Time and money are not two of them.


Looks like it wouldn’t take particularly long to make either, pretty basic stuff.

Oooooh I can’t wait to see the end result. I’m a huge fan of RWBY.