No payout this month

How can I contact pinshape support?
i still dont have my payout this month even is higher at the required amount, my dashboard shows June 15 as next payment day but this month hasn’t be transfer to my PayPal account… Found still are in pinshape

me too. What is wrong with pinshape? Is this just a few days delay or what?

22 today and still no payout, have you received yours yet ?

Not yet… No payout this month… And nobody answer for it… If it’s a bug system or something I hope this be an isolated issue… Other wise I’m gonna change my work to cults3d and cgtrader, they pay in the moment the sale is made

any update ? i did send an email to pinshape support but no reply.

No… all the same… they didn’t reply any if my emails yet… still no payout so far

I still haven’t received a payout as well. Last time I had an issue I ended up getting in touch with someone at FormLabs, which is the new parent company of Pinshape. Took a bit, but was able to get my issue worked out. Looks like I need to go that route again this time around. Really makes me want to move my designs over to MyMiniFactory, as Pinshape is becoming very unreliable for payments.

I just went back and did a search for past emails and I received the following from a Customer Care agent with Formlabs service…

“Thank you for reaching out to us at Formlabs. You will need to reach out to our Finance Team at [email protected] regarding any issues involving Pinshape payments. Please let them know exactly what is happening so that they can get things resolved as quickly as possible!”

So, I would recommend to anyone who is having payout issues to contact the email address above. That is the address that my later correspondence originated from when I had my previous issues resolved.

This is VERY unprofessional, unfortunately an issue I have dealt with across the available platforms for selling 3d content on the web. And Formlabs buying the company is absolutely no excuse for the poor communication and transparency. The moment a company like this stops honoring their end of a sales agreement, I pull my models; otherwise (no matter the reason), they are generating revenue profiting off of your hard work while you find yourself having to chase down your own payments.
I hope you all get your funds and the situation is resolved, hopefully with at least an explanation if there are problems with Pinshape’s reimbursement system or the company itself.