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NHL Maurice Richard Trophy FULL SIZE


Hey everyone, if you’re a hockey fan like me, you know that the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs have finished. To help celebrate my team’s win, it would be awesome to have a 3D printable Maurice Richard Trophy to celebrate Alex Ovechkin winning the goal scoring race again. It’s one of the most iconic NHL trophies. Ideally, it would be great to have one that could be printed in separate pieces and assembled for a full-size version.

If you happen to design one, make sure to post the link to the model here!


i can help you
email me
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Did you ever get this created? I would love to print one as well. I have started designing the structure since those are pretty easy shapes but I am not sure about the proportions of each tier.


There is an STL of Maurice richard already, btw. That would be easy to use so you wouldn’t have to design one.