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New to 3D printing and trying to get my very first 3D printer, where to?


Hi guys,

Im kinda new to 3d printing and planning to get my first 3d printer

Looked it up online and seems Creality’s Ender3 serie has the most reviews and good feedbacks…

Not sure what is the best solution to get it, also need recommendation which one to get.

This one seems like their official store … der-series , have sales going on some particular models, and most of them are US free shipping.

Do I buy directly from them so get better customer service, or should I shop around on Amazon?
ps: Use printer to print boardgame characters


I buy 3d printer from amazon and they provide me the best 3d printer at less price than stores and I also get some cashback and the printer is also very good its quality is also good. I think you can buy it on amazon they also have good customer service. I was searching for some online help writing essay if you know about it please let me know.