New Printer for $600 or less

Can someone help me with getting my first printer price range is $600 or less. Of course with as many things as can be and thinking not a DIY or compelet DIY one. Thank you very much

Hey Johnsrfb,
How are you ? May I can help you by my experience. Let’s take a look at the FLASH FORGE FINDER . It’s cost around $400. This printer is exactly what you imagine when someone says “3D printer”. It looks futuristic and sleek , featuring a 3.5" lcd touchscreen interface. this keeps operation nice and simple. The finder offers two way to import files. The first is the standard SD care and flash drive support,but it also features wifi functionality for tetherless printing.

I actually purchased this printer after reviewing this list (, just because they said it’s more reliable and excellent for 3D printer area.