Nerf Vulcan Ammo Box Lid

This is basically a request for anyone with a 3D scanner and the lid in question to scan it so that it can be printed as a replacement. This part is a solid piece that seems fairly easy to break/lose, and the supply on eBay seems scarce lately.

I’m only asking since this is a solid, simple part, and the Vulcan is a great Nerf blaster that has been out of production for a good while.

Well, that’s the kind of thing I had been looking at. In terms of reality, I guess this request came too early: parts for the Vulcan on eBay actually seem to be only double the cost of the labor/material/time needed to print them, so it’s still easier for many to just buy parts…for now.

Maybe this post will come in handy when Vulcan parts themselves become collector’s items.

On the other hand, my plans for the used Vulcan I just bought don’t require an ammo box lid. Thanks for the suggestion, though.