Nerf Drum Disassembly Project

After looking around the various sites with 3d printable models, the only models for nerf magazines were a basic 7-8 dart cartridge and its various remixes, all on thingiverse. The problem is, a long magazine is not the best object to 3d print. While a delta printer can handle the height to print them without supports, the top portion that holds the current dart in place is rendered weak by the direction it must be printed in.

After pondering how to design and print a 25- or 35-dart drum, I realized that it is the most printer-friendly form of a “magazine” for traditional cartesian printers, even with the increased complexity. There is enough surface contact on the bottom to reduce warping, and the dart retainer is in an orientation that gives it full strength.

I already have plans to borrow one of my brother’s 25-dart drums to disassemble it, photograph the internals, and create accurate models of the parts. I do not, however, have access to the raider’s 35-dart drum, and am posting this to see if anyone out there that has one is willing to follow suit in order to make it much easier for a fully 3d-printable drum to be designed.

Upon posting the models, I cannot guarantee that they will be functional when 3d-printed. I will simply be putting them out to act as a template for others to create designs from. This doesn’t mean that I won’t try to duplicate the drum myself though, or make slightly modified models that work with common hardware.