Negative searches

I’d like to be able to put negative search terms in the search box. I was browsing and it was getting cluttered with a bunch of voronoi objects. I would like to have been able to enter “-voronoi” to eliminate them from my view, but instead that resulted in a positive search that showed only voronoi objects. Often when I’m doing a search and don’t know the appropriate name or tag, I proceed negatively, culling out the things that obviously don’t apply.


i add my voice to this request…

This is a cool idea. It’s not something we had previously thought about but I think it could be quite helpful. Thanks for the suggestion!

And ok, on a similar vein, here’s what I really want: I’m asked for this on Thingiverse many times, and if they would do it, it would make TV almost usable. TV is clogged with many ‘useless’ items. They may not be useless to whomever uploaded it, but it’s not something I’d ever want. Often it’s 27 customized versions of the same thing. Sometimes it’s a collection of high school class projects; sometimes it’s someone who just wants to see their name posted and submits some lump of a ‘thing’. Or a body scan of someone I don’t know and don’t care a fig about. I don’t mind them so much being posted, I just don’t want to have to look at them over and over again when I’m browsing. I want a ‘never show me this thing again’ button. Plus a ‘never show me anything again from this author’ button. I’d be a happy guy.

. I want a ‘never show me this thing again’ button. Plus a ‘never show me anything again from this author’ button.

great great idea +1000

Vote up.

The “never show me this thing again” is an awesome idea. Basically will allow users to personalize the whole site and not see junk. Maybe even deleting the item off the site if a certain threshold is met? Like 30 people pressed the “never show me this thing again” button? Makes it easier for whole community

Don’t think you need to remove a ‘never show’ object… because you never know what each pepople will like… and my ‘grumpy cat spirit’ tell me that this function can be used to ‘bullying’ someone … let people use their brain and choose what they didn’t want to see :smile:

Hmm… I see what you mean with it being used to bully someone. I wonder if some sites use a “flagging” option or something? So that a design can be reviewed by a staff member or several of them if it’s not a printable file. On our site, there aren’t too many of these, but I know they exist and I’d love to clean it up a little :stuck_out_tongue:

Most 3d based market sites have a “report item” implemented. Most of the time it brings the user to a webpage to fill out a form as to why the model should be reviewed by a staff member. Only times I’ve ever used a report item feature was to report illegal redistribution of something I’ve made, and to bring to attention to the company of 3d designs that probably should require a mature filter applied but didn’t. I have young nephews that like to browse for designs to print on some of the bookmarked webpages I have. On a few occasions, irrelevant and extremely pornographic designs have shown up within their searches on some of the sites.

The “report item” may be something to consider implementing into the pinshape site.

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