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Need Help creating a 3D print-able file for a rabbit's back feet


So one of my cats brought in a baby rabbit and its back feet were gnawed off. It survived the day in a box against all odds so this little guy is a fighter. I’d take it to the vet, but I’m scared they are going to just put it down.

I’d like to release him into the wild as soon as possible to prevent further stress on the poor thing, but he needs his feet to have a fighting chance. I don’t have much (or really anything) to offer as payment, but if anyone would be willing to help me out, by all means please help out!

I’ll answer any questions to the best of my ability. (And I am aware that rabbits shouldn’t eat carrots, I have removed them from the box he is in.)

I have access to a 3D printer, I just need the file.


Hi @Jill_Fate

I wonder if you may be able to find someone over at the Enable website. They have a google+ group as well as a forum where someone make have the design skills necessary for a prosthetic for the rabbit :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the reply! I’ll check Enable out.


You need to take this rabbit to a Vet. If it has no feet, it’s not going to have a good quality of life even if it survives. Not to mention, if there’s an open wound, it may need sutures, and DEFINITELY antibiotics and pain medication. Rabbits can die specifically from pain. You’re putting this animal through more misery because you’re afraid an expert (a Veterinarian) may decide to euthanize, when that me be the most humane course of action at this point.


Hello OP,

I’m a rabbit owner and a printer. I’ve met two rabbits in my life that were missing their back feet and had happy lives but only because of vet care. Take this little guy to a vet ASAP if you haven’t already. Also contact ARBA and they should point you in the direction of a rabbit rescue.

Along with his wounds and the possibility that he can literally die of fear he’s going to start having to deal with geo stasis if he isn’t eating regularly. Which even if he were perfectly healthy gives him about 3~4 days to live if untreated.

I’m double posting this on reddit. Get him to a vet please.

If you get him the care he needs and he survives I’ll be happy to design/print/or anything else I can do to help.


This is not a rabbit, it is a hare. I rehabbed them for over 15 years and he can live in captivity without feet, but he needs to be cared for by a licensed Rehabilitator.