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Multi-piece setup


I have a ring I made that has an embedded piece in the middle. Since it can’t be printed in this manner I was wondering if I should make a hole at the bottom of the ring so the buyer can insert the piece?


Please find pic for ref.


Why can’t it be printed in what manner?


Can’t be printed with the eye in the middle.


Why exactly can’t it be printed with the eye in the middle? I don’t see anything that’s limiting the ability to print the shape. What is it about the middle that can’t be included in the print?


Hi @joealarson,

The hope is to have the middle be in multicolor and then the outside ring base be in something less fragile like a resin, plastic or alumide. Any ideas on how to print it separately in a way that’s easy to assemble?


Yes, thank you Adrenne for restating it. I think I can add a hole at the bottom of the ring and have another piece added, like a cork approach.


A) You can chose to make it like “sculpture” aka the eye sculpted in relief.
B) Make the eyelids cut out and have a way to mount “stone” / “different material iris” thing

On B you must think about a new mechanic of doing it : if a) use plastic b) use metals.

One type of a) a snap on ring on the back side after inserting the iris b) for metals… needs some hammering / or a ring

Or use some glue to glue them in (last resort) :wink:


Sorry I’ve been out for a while. Hope I’m not too late.

I make multi-part prints all the time. Especially in jewelry. I can print a ring of whatever size you want, then I can put a TARDIS or a Guy Fawkes or a Hypno Ring or a Zelda Shield on it. In some cases I make clever connectors but most of the time I just make sure they mate together and glue them in place. Super glue is your friend.


I definitely agree that super glue is great whenever you’re ordering something for yourself, and you’re clear on how to piece it together/have super glue on hand.

The issue with super glue whenever you sell the ring to customers is that they don’t usually have super glue on hand/super glue can’t be sent with the ordered parts. Also, a lot of consumers won’t want to have to glue the parts themselves even though most are willing to assemble it minus glue.


Well, thats why I thought about the cork approach , they could either glue it in or just let their finger, hold it in places. However the piece could come out when removed.

Thank you all for your input thus far. I am having difficulty making the pieces snug fit together, but I think i may have a method of achieving this.


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