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Mouse doesn't work for image selection on Touch Screen Laptop

I have a nice touch-screen laptop that works great on all but a few web sites. That is to say, I can use either the mouse or the touch-screen for all functions on most websites. allows me to use my mouse for all functions with one exception. I can not select from the filmstrip thumbnails beneath a shape. Once I select from the filmstrip with my finger on the screen, that image displays in the main (large) viewer. If it is a 3D rendering which has been selected, I can zoom and rotate using the mouse. The only thing I can not do with the mouse is select a different image from the filmstrip below.

This is not a huge deal but I thought it might be something that the site developer may want to take a look at. Something to do with detecting the presence of a touch-screen and disabling mouse functions for that element is my guess.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hey @Lon_McClure,

I think you may be able to select different images by swiping on the main picture displayed. Swiping left or right to switch which picture from the filmstrip you want!

Let me know if this isn’t the case! I know it’s not very intuitive at the moment!

That’s not the issue. I am able to select different images, but only with touch. I can scroll the filmstrip with mouse or touch. I can zoom and rotate the main image with mouse or touch. However, I can not select which image from the filmstrip with mouse - only with touch. Swiping the main image is like using the browser “Back” or “Forward” button (depending on which direction I swipe) which just takes me to a previous browser view (in this case, the main “Browse Designs” page). Thanks for thinking out of the boxes but not the solution in this case. Most likely a setting for the filmstrip object that ignores mouse input (left-click in this case) if a touch screen is detected. It’s also possible that the filmstrip object is hard-coded that way and can not be changed. It also could be my laptops implementation of touch-screen that is causing the issue. I’m good either way but I thought it might be interesting to the site developers.

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Ah I see, yeah that’s absolutely something we should keep in mind for all the touch screen users! Will pass this along to the dev team to figure something out. Thanks Lon for pointing this out!

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Hi Lon. Thanks for explaining your issue. Can you tell me in which browser you encounter this behavior?

I think I replied to this earlier but don’t see it here. I use Chrome browser exclusively but could install and test another if you like.

@dubstrike ^ Lon replied!

And @Lon_McClure, I think your issue was that you had responded via an email, which doesn’t show up on the forums. Sorry I didn’t catch that earlier!

I’ve managed to replicate this issue on my end. The fix should be live by tomorrow. Let me know if this issue still occurs.

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Issue still lives on for me @dubstrike. Must be my particular setup. Thanks for digging into this.

This issue is also still happening to me. The mouse only works with scrolling through the image selection, but doesn’t actually select the picture.

This is happening for me as well - can only open images by touch, not with mouse.

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Nowadays most of the organization are using the Touch Screen Laptop. But sometimes Laptop mouse is not working you can ensure your device driver is updated or not. Or you can reboot your Laptop. You can also the Ipad for the better experience of the touchscreen. If your iPad is not working properly, please visit

Touch screen laptop is best to compare than the other laptop. but you can not select the image by using the mouse. you can update the mouse driver. For instant support related to the Windows operating system Please contact Windows Error Code 36 for the proper solution.

Solution 1:
Right-click the start button and select the “Device manager”.
Open up “Mice and other pointing devices” and find the “HID-compliant touch screen” driver.
Right-click the driver and select properties.
Then open up the “driver” tab.
Click “Roll back driver”

Solutions 2:
Open up Troubleshooting
Go to hardware and sound
Select hardware and devices
Go through the troubleshooting process and apply the fixes