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Micrsoft 3D Builder

I am 1 week into 3D printing and have been jumping around different 3D building software packages trying to find the best blend of features and controls. I like the simplicity of the Microsoft 3D builder and of course the price (Free). One feature that seems to be missing is the ability to round edges. There is a smoothing option but it causing distortion on other areas. 123D Design has a feature called Fillet which does what I need, but the controls require too much jumping around in the menus. Does anyone have any experience with Microsoft 3D builder that may be able to assist? Thanks in advance.

I haven’t tried 3D builder, but you should check out Orchard. It’s a platform for crowdsourced design. It’s totally free and built into the chrome browser–and has the engineering-quality tools you’re looking for ( ) .

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