Mechanical design contest

hi i entered 3 of my designs to the mechanical design contest

but non of them are showing up in the list of entries

what is wrong?

Hi there @ekaggrat,

Thanks for your question and for entering our contest!

We do approve designs before they go on the contest page so I have just approved those for you now and they are on the contest page. My apologies for the delay, sometimes it does take a few days as we are closed over the weekend. Let me know if you have any other questions.

how long does the judging usually take?

Hi there! Thanks for your question. The judges should have their scores in by July 13th and we will be sure to publish the winners on the blog as soon as we get the scores in.

its the 16th now.:relaxed:

also i have not been notified on the mail of the pett filament roll inspite of winning it. I got a form to fill in the details but after that notification of how it has been mailed !