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Looking for lamp sconce/globe to be printed, pls


I have a pendant fixture for which I broke one of the globes and would like 2 or 3 made, please. The lamp itself is a Next NLC pendant lamp. Here are some photos of the chandelier and some close ups of the globe we’d like made. The globe slips into the neck of the arm and then with a slight twist stays put.

If this is something you could make for us, I would be very interested in speaking with you about this project. Thank you very much for looking into our request.


Hi saw your post about the pendant. I have a bronze and aluminum foundry that specializes in one of a kind or multiple. I also have a 3D printer you can see some of my prints at
Did you get it done?
Do you have a .STL or .OBJ file?
Does it have to be a certain color?



Dave, really appreciate ur response. You have some very nice items you’ve made on your website.

This would need to be a frosted white. I do not have any 3D or geometric files of any kind; all of this is foreign to me. I have one of the globes, however, for someone to use as a model.

Is this something you and your firm can create, pls?