Looking for help turning 2D family crests into 3D models

Hi all. I’m new to this space and am blown away by the creativity of the designs. I have 2 family crests that I would like to get turned into high quality 3D models (beyond simple extrustions). If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. My ultimate goal is to make bronze and/or silver castings. Let me know if you can help.


Hello Jim,

Can you put up some images of the crests? What do you have in mind as far as high quality? Are you referring to varying heights or curvature?

Thanks for your note Neilblue. 2 images are attached below… I guess I had 2 ideas in mind when I referenced “high quality”. I found a site call “Embossify” that allowed different depths based on different color (lighter to darker or vice versa). I tried recoloring my crests to create depth. Then, when looking around on other sites I found designs where artists actually created real curvature to make the 2D images 3D and really “pop”. I guess I’m open to either though the latter is way beyond me. The 2 images I’m trying to print follow. I have a different version of the first one where I recolored it using an online photoshop tool to try to create the different depths in “Embossify”.

Hello Jim

I sent you a message earlier about your request. Let me know what you think.

I am also looking to have my family crest made into a pattern
I’m only needing the shield part made into a pattern that resembles a wax seal