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Logn term partnership - A dsigner for covers, mainly Android to our CR-X printer (3DE Premium ABS filment)


I am looking for a designer to:

Design covers for phones, mainly Android, but also Apple’s iPhone.
Our idea is to be able to print the covers our customers demand in the store.

It must be printed in 3DE Premium ABS - 1.75mm on our CR-X printer. We have upgraded extruder.

The designer should be relatively quick.

A click locking mechanism must be designed so covers are made in 2 parts so they can be clicked on.
Covers should be made into a plain. and an extra high.

We expect a standard design the designer builds on and that we get it made with optimal settings for our printer.

After production, we release covers for free to others who can print them.

We expect we will start with a test of a Fairphone 3.


No one :slight_smile: