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Job Posting: Need a Designer for Help with a (Presumably) Easy Design; Small Business Component Design



I am in the process of starting a small business and need a small custom made part which seems best suited for 3D printing,

Specifically, I need a cuboid holder for an e-ciggarette (Juul) and would like to discuss options with a relatively experienced designer; more job offers to follow upon sucecssful execution of project 1.

Please contact me for further details and to discuss compensation.

Thank you!



I don’t classify myself as an expert designer since for me 3D printing, designing etc is an hobby, but I already have made something on request; you can find some design on my page (to give you an idea of my abilities).
I own a 3D printer, so I can also test my design once it’s done.

I will also need more information to better evaluate this project and if it worth or not (for me of course) and if it’s something that I can make or too difficult for me.



Hello Stefano,

I certainly don’t think this type of project would require expert or even advanced 3D design skills to construct.

I would love to talk to you further about the project because you seem like the type of designer I was hoping to attract; more of a semi-experienced enthusiast willing to work with me (patiently if necessary).

I personally love projects like this and figured id try to turn it into a business :).

Best Contact Days/Hours & Means of Communication?

Thanks for your interest and reply to this project



You can contact me via email at [email protected]
I will reply as soon as possible


Alright, well I was wondering if we could perhaps schedule to have a more real-time type of conversation, maybe just once at least, due to my absolutely grueling schedule atm + need for some rapid decision making.

Could we plan to maybe chat, skype, or have a phone conversation at your earliest convinience after Thanksgiving?

I would be very grateful and willing to compensate you for your time, naturally :slight_smile:


Thought perhaps this sillly drawing would help explain one of the items i require


The second item, actually the only item I abosulutely have to have, is a bit trickier and harder to explain / represent pictorially.

In fact, I just I need dome inspired help from, perhaps, a designer as to what is possible / easiest / best.

I’m gonna try to draw it and send it later once finished


If you want you can email me all the informations.
For me a chat through skype is fine but I don’t control skype as often as my email so for urgent stuff ( or to accord a date for a chat) use the email please


Hi Freddy,
I just want to let you know that during the past week I did not received any mail and the information that you gave me above are not sufficient to me to make an initial model, probably I undersand the general concept but there are still some doubts.