Is this site just dead or what?

The front page still has a “2017 Printer Guide” featured. No recent printers are in the printer list. When I signed up I got an email from “Zach” the “Community Manager,” who gave me two links to check out that both seem to be from 2017 and said I should let him know if I have any questions or feedback, but when I responded to the email I got an “Undeliverable” bounce-back message.

Seems like the lights are on but nobody’s home…


I tried to find services and get no responses either.
(I need a texture map artist- they post ad’s but then move on)

You are pretty much right. But there are some that respond.
Mostly the many pinshape creators that make 3D Files and post them here for folks to download.
I’ve talked to a few of them,and they stay active posting their next creations.

No response in nearly a week from anyone at Pinshape? That’s just lazy. As a community of designers and printers we deserve better than this. Peace out, Pinshape. :confused:

I just made a new topic in the Design area where I can at least take some design requests. Not sure if I’ll be able to help either of you there though at least throwing some forum activity in here in the least :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is everybody still receiving their payout? I am looking to post a bunch of new models soon, but they’d mostly be for pay. I just want to make sure the payment system is still working (other than, it would be nice to have formlabs advertising our models in a weekly email like pinshape used to). Pinshape is also still taking a 30% in fees, which without anyone providing support and marketing, is pretty high at my advice.

This site isn’t active enough to even justify putting paid models on here. Use one of the other model directory websites, you’ll have much better exposure and experience. Pinshape is a forgotten project in most aspects. Not to mention their commission is higher across the board. Only reason I hosted files here was for exposure originally. Though learned quickly it wasn’t worth the effort on certain sites. Their homepage banner literally says best printers from 2017. If that doesn’t show blatantly laziness and lack of care, nothing does lol.


So sad really. Pinshape used to be brilliant. Had top support and active community. It was “saved” by Formlabs and after not much time at all, they all but abandoned it.

If you would like an alternative. I’d suggest

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