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Is there a way to contact a designer?

I need to purchase the design files but the server is down. So is there a way to contact the designer / owner of it. There does not appear to be an email address or other link near his avatar and user name. I have not been able to find a directory listing. I am new here on Pinshape so am I missing something?
Thanks, Murray

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maybe sending to her or him a direct message what do you need?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately when I click on the user name STI or the avitar / icon nothing happens so I can not send a message. Are you aware of a directory on PinShape that will allow me to find the user and send a msg or email?

no I dont known if something like that exist :frowning:

You can contact a designer by sending a DM or you can find him or her on Facebook if you have the name of the designer.

yeah maybe some people of pinshape has been contacting me via facebook to buy my models in other stores