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Internal support structure tutorial


hi made a little tutorial for creating internal structures supports for 3D printing models using meshmixer, is based on a Maker´s muse tutorial but what they had presented some problems I think I was able to adress better with this method, specially for hi poly and complex models, I leave here the link for the tutorial and for the model used in it ^^

This work well with hi poly mesh and does not increase the file size by much.

Meshmixer internal support structure tutorial

Model used for the tutorial

hope its usefull, please let me hear your comments


Ooo loving this. I usually use Cura for supports, but automatically generated supports aren’t the best. Really helpful!


where can I find tutorial how to use cura to make external tree supports? anyone can point me in the right direction that will greatly help.


Your feedback helps me a lot, A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well basketball legends