Images size and detailed characters for the contest


Sorry if it has been asked before, but I searched for an answer and couldn’t find it.

I’m doing a model for the Character Modeling Contest and I’m a little worried about the size of the images we can upload for our projects. Is there a size limit or a way to view the images in a larger size? Because all projects I’ve been checking have only small images, which makes it very hard to check details on the model.

Talking about details, it leads me to another question. Most models in the site are very simple and clean. As I’m an artist who likes to sculpt very detailed characters, I’m a little worried about the contest. I’m sculpting a character specially for this contest, but it is very detailed, like a Sideshow Collectibles statue. As I work with statues, the model will be all ready for printing and casting, but with very detailed parts. Is it a bad thing for the contest to have a detailed and bigger statue project or it will be ok?

Thanks :slight_smile: