Ideas for a Practical Gadget

Hello everyone,

I am in need for ideas for an invention or a gadget that I can create that actually has a use in life. I know about some cool gadgets, but they aren’t even useful in everyday life. Anyone have problems that they would like a 3D printed object to fix? or an idea of an invention/gadget?


Hi @caitlin_le

Something you may want to investigate is your hobbies. If you have hobbies aside from 3D Printing you could look at how you can bring 3D Printing into that hobby :smile:

As for some ideas, What about some 3d printed games, or printed items to protect your yard items from weed wacker damage?

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Thanks @Chris_Halliday. I’ll keep that in mind :grinning:

Some good ideas of other functional designs people are printing to solve their everyday problems is the subreddit functional prints!

Maybe this will give you some ideas? :slight_smile:

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You may also want to check out what is popular on Pinshape for idea’s. Here is a January blog post on the top searchs through Pinshape,

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Things that could be mounted to a cubicle wall with push pins?

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Like cute things or useful holders?


Fun hooks, trays,plant holders, headphone holders, etc. Can be simple decorations too such as Mario Bros pushpins.

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Cool idea… sort of like “hats” that you can fit over a standard push pin?