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How to prepare a model to 3d print it


Hello guys , I just wanted to ask about preparing my model to upload it here and get it 3d printed , I saw this one here wich I like it a lot ( is that the way we have to prepare them? split the model in two ? or may be more parts

(models I’d like to 3dprint for sale : .

If anyone please can guide me in order to prepare this models successfully before being uploaded , it will be really appreciated,

Cheers mates!!!


There are some factors you should think about when 3d printing such as design size, materials, how your design functions, etc. Prepping your model like the ticketeer is one way you could slice up your model to lower the amount of filament used and shrink the volume size to lower print cost. For your designs though, in my opinion may be best to split up and create multiple snap in parts (arms, legs, torso, etc). You could also modify you design(s) to be ball jointed if you want the limbs to move. Depending on how big you would like your design(s) would dictate if hollowing out parts could be done. Research the materials you would like to print your designs in as there are some details about wall thickness that need to be kept in mind for 3d printing. Else download some of the free designs an check out how the designer did theirs.


To start with the model must be manifold, solid, and a single wall. I did a video about this very thing a little while ago that may help you with the basics: