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How To Design 3D Printed Rings


Trying to design the perfect 3D printed ring, but aren’t sure how to size it correctly? Here are some tips to help get you started!

When designing a ring, it is important to note that there are a couple of different finger sizes. If you are designing the ring for yourself, then you should measure your finger using a ring sizer. Here is a printable one from Mia Donna:

If you are designing the ring to be sold to others, then you should note that the most common ring sizes are:

For women - 5 to 8 (7 being the average size).
For men - 8 to 12 (10 being the average size).

Now, you need to find out what the measurements are for these ring sizes and adjust your design to fit those parameters. Here is a reference chart that provides ring sizes and their diameter:

And then you’re ready to design your 3D printed rings!


That looks familiar :smile:


You inspired a forum post!


Hi guys!

I add that people must rely on real facts not what measures are listed , they are a “general view”. So for example for Size 8 wikipedia lists 8.14 yet in CAD software the designer must take in account the polishing factor of 0.1-2 and this must be checked with calliper on a real life product in order to get used with the manufacturer error pool.

Other than that I add that Size 8 US fits my ring finger on left hand and I`m a “medium man” and right handed , on the right hand I have bigger size.

So fellow designers first prototype and measure in real life on plastics then on a real final product to get the experience on the manufacturing part.

I know it can be tedious , but once you learn it … :smile:

Don`t jump in sending straight “Gs” and get prepared to call hospital if you fit a smaller ring size on the fat finger , or have at hand a dremel cutting tool and tech friends … just in case!

And big note : get your rings out your fingers when you sleep or work involving tools … imagine the finger going fat when you sleep due some medical condition like : flue , bad temperatures , and stuff


Great point! It’s definitely important to think about the difference in finger size on each hand and the swelling that fingers undergo throughout the day.


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