How long does a roll of filament last

Hello all, I’m planning on getting my printer.
As i am calculating the costs of owning one, wondering how long would a roll last for (# of designs)

Hi Petr,

That really depends on a whole lot of things like:

Spool size: These days spools are often 1KG, 900g, 750g, 500g, or 250g depending on the manufacturer.
Material: If you have colourfabb bronze filament for instance it’s going to be heavier so there will be less of it.
Size of print
Infill: Most prints are mostly hollow, to have a stronger object you fill it in more, this obviously takes more filament.
print speed: If you are printing as much as you can in a month the quicker you print the more you’ll be able to print.

As a general rule though filament lasts longer than you would think…I print alot and I generally consumer 1ish spools a month though printing around the clock if I really tried I might be able to consume 3.


does the material affect how long a roll would last, PET, PLA vs ABS?