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Honest feedback on my design please


Hello Pinshapers,

I submitted this design a few weeks ago and entered it into the mechanical design contest. I think it is awesome, but I’m biased of course. It has a few views because I posted it to reddit, but I have gotten no feedback on it at all, and Pinshape has featured other designs from the contest but not mine, though I think it is worthy.

I am looking for honest feedback, I fear there is something wrong, that everyone else can see but I can’t. I’m envious of the other entries that got featured because of the responses they are getting now. I don’t have much hope of winning the contest, considering they have featured 4-5 of the designs and my design is far down in the list. But whatever, the contest is not why I created it, I entered it mostly because I felt it would be a good way to advertise the design and get some feedback.

Thanks for your time and any feedback I get. Please be honest, if you hate it, say why. No hard feelings, I just want to improve the design.