Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone else has run into these issues and what you did to fix them

So I currently have a Makerbot Replicator 2x. The problems that I am currently hitting are I need to redesign the filament spool holder for a smaller spool to fit on the printer? and the other issue I’m hitting is when I re scale a multiple component. I can get it to the scale I need but the desktop program that makerbot uses doesn’t let you put in the scale numbers I need. It will automatically change the other two scale sizes when I enter in one of the 3 numbers I need to put into it. Any ideas on how to get around those issues? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


rescale of your model with a free software like Netfabb basic
i don’t know makerbot software, but i’m sure you have a checkbox somewhere to unselect the rescale of the 3 axis at the same time

edit : it’s uniform scaling like on this picture

ok Thanks I will have to try that.


Are you by chance using Cura? If so, in the small box that gives you the X,Y & Z scale adjustments you will see a small picture of a locked, Lock. I think its near the center bottom of the scale window. Click this and it should change to a picture of an unlocked, Lock. You can now modify each axis’ scale individually.