HELP please help

having problems printing anything i download from this site
i download slice and then add to sd card and insert in printer but the filament isnt sticking to the bed
using inland filament

Hi, your problem could be caused by many things, personally I would do:
1- clean the printing surface
2- level your bed
3- check the first layer distance from your bed (if the nozzle is too far away the melted plastic will not bond properly to your bed, on the other hand if you’re too close is bad too because the plastic will be squished too much and it will lift off by itself)
4- print the first layer slowly (I use 25 mm/s for the first layer, then whatever speed you want to use) and with the part cooling fan off
5- (this may vary through filament type and printing surface) don’t set your bed temperature too high if not needed

If after all this tweaking you still struggle to get a print sticking to the printing bed try to increase the nozzle temperature and/or extrusion multiplier just a bit for the first layer only, try also different kind of printing surface and find what works the best for you (tape, glass, pei, gluestick ecc…)

Ps: I’m assuming you’re using PLA, so warping is not a problem

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just curious but why is it easier to print things that came with machine

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I don’t know, maybe different slicer settings

thank you
it would be nice if everyone put the settings they used

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hello does anyone know why in the beginning of my print printer will stop printing temp will drop but the progress counter will still be going but printer isnt moving

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What printer?
What slicer?
Which model?
Are you using a Raspberry Pi and Octoprint, printing from a memory card or printing tethered to a computer?

Sample of the G-code needed before anyone can give any meaningful help.

Wanhao i3 duplicator plus
wanhao cura beta
using sd card
and im printing skull planter from this site
tried printing this a couple time but had some adhesion issues it printed passed where it is stopping now and temp is dropping

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Download the latest version of Cura - it should be Ver 3.3.1

Start off by selecting your printer type as “Custom” and enter its parameters where asked for.

Use the Cura Draft Quality 0.2mm Profile as a starting point - but check that your printing temperature is in the 210C - 220C range for PLA as I’ve found that too low a temperature gives bed adhesion problems.
Make absolutely sure that your bed is leveled and the nozzle clearance is correct. Bring the bed and nozzle up to working temperature before leveling, and go around 3 or 4 times until you are totally satisfied that it is level - I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Make sure that you are not using outdated or cheap filament. A lot of problems can be traced to filament which is of poor specifications or is too old.

After you have sliced your model in Cura and before saving out the gcode switch to layer view and scroll through the layers using the slider. Have a look closely at the layer where the printing stops. Is there anything on that layer which might cause problems?
Take note of the layer number and find that layer in the gcode - it takes a while to understand what the gcode is doing but look closely and you will get there.

Upload on here the few lines of gcode surrounding the problem layer so I can take a look and see if I can spot anything.

Is this the model ?
Is this the only model that you have problems with? If it is it is possible that the model mesh is causing problems.

Hope this gets you started, but keep trying.


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An addition to what I have written above.

Wanhao Cura Beta is based on an old version of Cura (Version 2 to be precise).

You should definitely be using the latest version - this might be the cause of your problems.

Are you printing the skull at the original size - i.e. have you scaled it down?
If you haven’t scaled it down I may have discovered your problem!

The skull planter, as downloaded and without scaling down, has a build size of 202.1x139.1x136.1 - your machine has a 200x200x180 build volume!!

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very weird my printer wont take the gcode temp settings for the extruder only the bed it stays at 0 even though i change it in cura and also on the machine it goes back to 0

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im printing abs

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Maybe your printer cannot take the nozzle temperature that you are trying to set?
What temperature are you setting to print ABS at - check your printer specifications and see if the temperature is within range.

Possibly the hot end thermistor is shorted out (or is failing), is it possible to reach 220C with your hot end? Can you reach ANY temperature higher than ambient? Possibly you have a heater cartridge problem?

Have you successfully printed ABS before? What settings did it print at?

You need to give fuller answers than you are - have you done everything I advised in my posts above? One word answers help no one, least of all yourself.

i did everything you suggested and was printing fine and now it just isnt doing anything

OK - go here

and download the original Cura Wanhao Beta 1.1 program and try that

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the key was connecting to computer i have been able to print so much
and after feuding with tech support but the last thing i have to fix how to get a smoother first layer both sides dont come out the same base is always rough but the top is perfect crystal clear but bottom always have a rough layer