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Help me choose a 3d printer


hey guys i don’t know which 3d printer to buy i saw this site and they have lots of information about 3d printers
but i cant decide which one to buy since im on a budget 1000 and also what kind of filament i can use
for building a a fidget spinner thanks for your help


The Prusa i3 mk2S always gets high marks. I have two and I love them.


I’ll second the suggestion for the Prusa i3 Mk2s which is the current version. If you’re a hands-on sort of person, get the kit version and save US$200 and learn quite a bit in the process.

The assembly manual is available online and is one of the better manuals with which I’ve worked. Almost no ambiguity and a great design to boot.

I provided technical assistance of a sort with the local library to build a Prusa i3 and my recommendation was well received after the management learned of the print quality and ease of use.


Prusa i3 mk2S and also Anet A8, very good and cheap DIY 3D printer KIT I have 5 of them at home, very good printing.
I use AzureFilm filaments, cheap and good filaments, I use them in company that I work and at home and they have great filaments.


I agree, Prusa i3 Mk2 is the way to go.
Beware the clones on other sites. they are cheap copies.
They can be made to work but you will spend time and more money getting them right.
From kit price is 699USD
You can get a clone for $250 and up, but I did and it took 3 months and over $80 in upgrades to make it work.
Also lots of the clones are Mk 1 not Mk 2.


I agree with everything everyone else has said above. The Prusa I3 MK2s is an out of this world printer, and is the perfect printer for someone who wants to get into 3D printing, but also wants to learn how a 3D printer works.

However, I personally went with the Anet A8, which is more hands on than the Prusa i3 MK2s and only about $160 but it does require a fair amount of upgrades that can be printed out to compete with the MK2. The Anet A8 has a MASSIVE community that provides lots of help, similar to that of the MK2 and Joe Prusa.

If you want something a lot less expensive, go with the Anet as it is an excelent printer, but otherwise the MK2 is your best bet. Good luck!!! Hope this helped.


i got a select mini 3d printer and its awesome. it was only $200 too… couldnt believe it till i got it. it is easy to add glass ans silicon pad to the bed too with a 3d printed piece to correct the nozzle stop. only prints 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 but is great for the price.


Hey op if your looking for a reliable but good printer you can check out our site
this will give you the idea on which printer to use for your 3d modeling see this


prusa i3 is indeed a good choice
it is with heat bed,you can print almost all the filaments


Well I hunted and looked for a deal for months. It paid off. Used Ultimaker 2+ (19 hours of print time) for a $1000. I was printing the first day! , took less than 6 mouths to pay for it self. It was a big cash hit , but been very happy with it , and no problems with it.


I am having a hard time finding the Prusa I3 MK2S. Any suggestions on where to get it? Nevermind, found the previous comment after stating this. Sorry I didn’t read well before posting.


Hey Coustin,
May I can solve of your question. I have found is the HICTOP CREALITY CR-10 . This is far more expensive at around $500,yet provides an large build area. it’s not constrained by the same hardware and can freely create things much larger than most of its rivals could handle . I actually purchased this printer after reviewing this list (, just because they said it can run 80 mm/s but this can be boosted high as 200 mm/s if user in hurry.

So, You can get answer from there like me.


There are various 3d printers but always check the total specifications before purchasing it. Visit hp printer assistance to get more details.


If you have to love 3D printing and also feel the real colour Experience then you try Epson printers that can be all in one’s printer and easy-to-use, provide quality printing, copying and scanning photos and another document. for more information visitEpson Technical Support


Here are three great options for 3D printers to choose from:

  1. Original Prusa i3 MK3S: The Czech-based Prusa Research is known for having the best 3D printers around. It offers exceptional print quality and features like autocalibration and crash detection. Prusa’s slicing software is convenient and easy to use and the support team has great knowledge and responds quickly.

  2. Qidi Tech X-Pro: This is a dual extension printer that’s ready-to-run when delivered. It has an enclosed printing chamber that is really helpful at the time of handling temperature-sensitive materials. What actually sets Qidi Tech X-Pro apart from a lot of its contemporaries is the removable magnetic build plate and the turbofan. Overall, it is an affordable and competent printer out there.

  3. Artillery Sidewinder X1: It is a large build volume 3D printer, known for its qualities and reliability. It has some really amazing features like the hot ends for large printing. This hot-end allows a larger volume of filament to melt and flow. It also allows you to increase the print speed without any extrusion issues.

The original Prusa i3 MK3S is the most expensive from the lot, the other two options are between the price range of $500 to $600. If you are looking for high quality and affordable printing service then get in touch with Foamex Printing Company.