Has anyone had success printing with speciality filaments?


I’m just wondering if anyone has had success printing with so-called speciality filaments - PP, PET, Nylon, PC etc. ? I’ve got some PET filament but I can’t get it to print without blocking the nozzle - perhaps the nozzle temp doesn’t go high enough. Has anyone had success with these other filaments and found them to be better than PLA?


Yes. For my printers I’ve found that when using the PET+, printing with a temp of 230-235C works great when printing with the fan off for the entire duration. I’ve used other filaments like Ninjaflex and beer filaments too. I am digging the beer filament from 3dom as is prints as well if not better than PLA on my printers. Might get some more samples of their other filaments to try out.

As for your printer, there are many factors that can cause a clogged nozzle.

  • When switching the filament types, did you clean out the nozzle and extruder of the prior filament?
    - If you don’t spend the time clearing out the prior filament it can bake in the nozzle tip and clog it despite having a new filament loaded into the printer to push the old through. One could go as far has having multiple nozzle printer tips around and exchanging them when changing filament types.
  • Add a filament cleaner to your printer
    - Dust and other particles can build up in the nozzle and on the filaments
  • Printing too fast can sometimes cause clogs.
  • What temp are you using and what kind of printer do you have?
    - Not all printers have the same extruder. My printrbot has a ceramic style hot end which can go up to 250C. My einstart has something different and can only go up to 240c. Going too high can risk damaging your printer. If filament is oozing fast out of your printer then you may have your temp too high.