Getting rid of glue on build plate

Hey guys,

I’ve been using a glue stick to help with bed adhesion. It’s starting to build up on my plate and was wondering a good way to get rid of it. I usually scrape it off, but I think I’d like to do a complete clean.

Is water damaging? Or is it better to spritz something else on? Anyone got experience with this?

Hot water will break it down easily.
If your build plate is removable, just run it under some hot water at the sink. If not, you’ll have to give it gentle sponge bath.

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Depending on the type of glue, print bed, and how long the glue has been on there, a mild paint thinner will work.

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Try 99% isopropyl alcohol. They keep it behind the counter at the drug store, so you’ll have to ask for it. The 91% you get off the shelf will work, but the 70% not very well. It’s relatively non-toxic (don’t drink it) and works wonders for both cleaning the build plate and in loosing up stubborn pieces that won’t come loose. Of course you’ll smell like you’ve been drinking, but you’ll have proof you haven’t, no pun intended. I should mention, not to use near an open flame, or get it on your skin or in your eyes, dugh!

Aqua net hair spray can give a more even, predicable coat of adhesion then glue stick, plus it cleans off great with the alcohol.


Okay, the glue is pretty standard craft glue from a glue stick. It didn’t used a be a problem, but yeah, noticed it building up lately and it’s getting messy.

I think I’ll try the sponge bath, wasn’t sure if I’d be risking damaging anything? If it doesn’t work, I’ll try the harsher liquids you guys recommended. Thanks!

I use a razor blade holder and scrape the layer of glue off of the glass bed. Holding the blade at a 45 degree angle and pressing firmly will clean the bed of any glue. Then I spread a new layer of glue for each print.
Once in a while I do wipe it clean with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. Be sure to use new sharp blades. When they get dull, the glue is harder to remove.


I have a couple of tricks for getting rid of glue, including the residue you get from sticky tape and film - try a weak acid, like lemon juice, watered down vinegar or a standard glass cleaner. Alternatively - weird but true - WD40 removes nearly everything sticky. The only trouble is, when 3D printing, you then need to use washing up liquid or something afterwards to remove the WD40 grease so that your prints stick again!

Good luck!

Just spray on some Windex, or any other good window cleaner, leave it for a couple minutes, then wipe it well with paper towels. This trick was recommended by Prusa, the company of my printer and it works wonderfully and easily. you don’t need to remove the bed or anything, just spray and wipe.

PVA glue is water soluble. I use a paint scraper to remove any build up, and then very occasionally I spray the bed with plain cold water and scrape some more. A paper towel removes 99% of it. The wipe over with an antiseptic kitchen wipe until I have spotless glass, It takes about 5 minutes.

I rarely clean my glass completely, as having a fine rough surface of glue helps with adhesion, I never get parts that lift off the bed as a result.

Always re-level the bed afterwards as it is very easy to move it during cleaning, resulting in poor adhesion.