Galadriel Crown

I want to print Galadriels crown from the Hobbit for cosplay. I have been using 123Design and I have been able to design her ring and brooch but I just cant seem to get the curves right on the crown. Does anyone know where I can download it, have any advice for me or willing to design the crown?

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I want to print one too.
I wouldn’t mind paying to print one.

That crown is also nice but its from lord of the rings and im cosplaying her hobbit appearance

I want one too! I’ll find occasions just to wear it. :heart_eyes_cat:

With enough screen shots - I could probably do this… I’m not artistic - I’m a mechanical designer, so this would be pretty much an exact replica. Now I have not tried this before, so might take some time.

This seems to be a pretty good overlook of the crown!

Halloween project? :smile:

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