[Funny] You know you're into 3D printing if

Share about your 3d printing experience, let’s get to100!

1- You were fascinated about the ‘original 3d printer’ as a kid


2- You thought about printing a pair of 3d printed dress for your girlfriend

3- You stared at your ultimaker for five whole minutes when it started its first print job.

4- Your room is full of 3d printed figurines

5- You bring 3D printed catapults to work just to annoy your coworkers :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s build this list to 100!

If that’s a 3D printer it’s hardly the first because my body is a 3D printer every morning at about 9am.

Here would be my replacement #1. You can see at least 10 things looking around you that isn’t 3D printed… but could be.

I would also add these:

  • Something breaks, you 3D print a replacement, then discover you could have bought it for $0.25. But at least you saved on shipping.
  • Something breaks, you painstakingly model and print the solution, only to discover it’s already available to download online.
  • You have kitchen tools that have not, and in fact must not ever, be used for food.
  • You have way more experience sanding plastic than wood. Like, way more.
  • You spend $50 on plastic, and still insist that 3D printing is practically free.

@joealarson gross.

I would add:
• you smugly show your friends your unpolished, lumpy 3d printed whatever, and feel uber avant-garde

For me it’d have to be:

  • You know that even though a print is going great, as soon as you leave it for the night, it will probably have a problem.
  • Instead of thinking “how big is that”, you think to yourself “how many hours would that take to 3D print”.
  • To you, waiting 17 hours to print a vase is still much more convenient than taking a 30 minute trip to buy one.
  • You can listen to you printer and tell if it’s working correctly
  • The idea of getting a new roll of plastic (filament) to play with, excites you.
  • You’ve gotten to be the person that shows a newbie their first live 3D printer and saw their face light up with possibilities.
  • You adjust the settings on your printer and slicer endlessly and still have improvements to make.
  • You start a print with the plan to go to bed when it starts, but end up watching it for hours.

You are going to give a 3D printed object as a gift.

-Your take dozens of photos every week and posting it on Facebook showing off your weekend print exploit.
-You feel tempted getting your girlfriend’s engagement ring 3D printed instead of buying one at a Jeweller.
-Monday is show and tell Monday for you at work.

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No shame in a 3D printed gift. Lithophanes and customized text on a thing are great ideas you can’t buy in the store.

Yeah, I agree with “you can’t buy in the store”. Some nice customized things is what I like.

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  • You find strands of filament all over your house.
  • You go shopping and value things by their cost in filament to make yourself.
  • You start repairing plastic things that were previously near impossible to repair.
  • You start telling vendors that you don’t need to buy their replacement parts anymore because you have fixed the issues with their original ones. (Doing this at work right now. Designing a new housing for a 18v cordless drill battery that will take replaceable 18650 lithium ion cells.)
  • Your friends come over and wonder “What’s that thing?” and you say “Oh, it’s just my 3D printer”.

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  • instead of saving up beer money, you start saving up filament money
  • you can tell what kind of filament you’re using by the smell
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Nailed it.

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You forget how to change disks on your video game machine!

You print an obect before you do the CNC Code!

#35. - You now find listening to the entire 3dprintingtoday podcast series,(for the 4th time), better than music
#36. - You accidentally drop a desiccant pack into your smoothie, and begin frantically searching thru the 3d online forums to find out if it will kill you to drink it anyway(Answer=no)
#37. - Your dining room is now the "design studio"
#38. - Your living room is now the "printing lab"
#39. - Your pantry is now the "finishing station"
#40. - You feel the need to enthusiastically comment to quirky 3d questions funner, b/c the technical stuff is way too hard, and just seems to keep getting harder, aka: "The Wall"

That was so funny thing. We used to make 3D printed objects at our childhood days. Nice observation. But jokes apart, it is from this fact only that the game we used to play by making clay objects in our childhood, that appears to be the source or basis for 3d Printing of all the big objects like metal engines, jewelry, prosthetics etc. There is a connection between the two. Think about it!

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