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Freelance 3D Modeller / Digital Sculptor for hire


Hello, I’m 3D Artist with several years of experience working in the CG Industry. My interests focus mainly on video game and toy design. I specialize in hard surface modeling, but also confident with organic modelling or sculpting

Feel free to check my portfolio at:

My pinshape page:

Email me at: [email protected]


Hi Yubert, are you able to make a Star Wars T21 blaster file


hello mark, i’ve sent you a private message. anyway if you haven’t read it. Yes I can do the blaster for a day or 2… thanks

you’re refering to this right:



I am looking to employ the services of someone who can modify stl. Files for me.

I plan to use these files to 3D print negative moulds for the purpose of lost wax casting in bronze & stainless steel, so the details of the files need to be of a high resolution quality.


[email protected]


Hi Yu. Same question as previous poster - I have 2 family crests that I have been trying to convert to high resolution STL files for casting. I would like to get more than an extrusion - please let me know if you can help. Thanks.