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Flashforge Adventuer 3

I recently acquired a Flashforge Adventurer 3 printer and have had a great time getting introduced to all it’s good and bad points.
Worked for me right out of the box (OK, it was 3 hours later before my first build was completed)
Has a nifty web cam that presents a real time video to Polar Cloud on my PC and tablet.
Reasonable cost. A machine like this would have been priced at twice as much just a few years ago. I know because I have been tracking them for that long.
It’s 150 x 150 x 150 capacity seems adequate for most non-trivial items. A 5" high spiral vase earned me a smile and big kiss from my wife.
Support is unbelievable. I get replies to my questions within hours not days.
I only spot one other individual on Pinshape who owns the same machine. Hard to interface with all of you if few own a Flashforge unit.
Only accepts their proprietary .gx files. Pinshape’s world revolves around .stl.
Only accepts a small, expensive 0.3 kg reel of filament that costs $34. But I just ordered a large reel (in Teal) from Amazon for $18 and a spool holder that will make that work in the machine.
I’d like to hear from other Adventurer 3 owners as to how to convert .stl to .gx and other matters I haven’t mastered yet.

I was looking for similar info. And have found interesting guide on Youtube. Read in my blog “what causes crepey skin”.

Hey I had that 3d printer I had a blast with it well you need to get the flash print software you will convert obj, stl to gx files if you have any question please let me known :slight_smile:

I have heard many users complain about the smaller filament reel of Flashforge Adventurer 3. Just like you, I ordered a larger reel and a spool holder for further filament loading. works like a breeze.

And maybe you may join the Flashforge official user group on Facebook, where you can interface with others owning adventurer 3 and share tips & tracks.