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[FIXED] Site getting slower?

Hey Guys,

Pinshape has always been sort of on the slow side to load, which can be frustrating. Recently though it seems to have gotten worse. This morning from both my home and work the main page took over 17 seconds to display. We have a policy at the company where I work my day job that anything over 2 seconds is too slow…people are impatient these days…while 2 seconds can be a challenging bar to meet while rendering a whole bunch of assets 17 seconds is honestly too much and is probably loosing you new members…


17s ? you are lucky… it took me between 60-70seconds ( yeah…more than one minute) to enter in my dashboard after i login… …and each time i click on a menu function, it’s 60s of waiting time… that’s why i didn’t upload any new modelds on pinshape, and i’m thinking to remove all my previous models… and for the story, i use a 15mbits download/2mb upload cable internet with a 24go ram/i7-4770K computer … so don’t tell me it’s my side… it’s the ONLY website with that problem…

yeah I’m on 100mb fiber at work and high speed at home on smoking computer too…it’s the site. It’s defiantly frustrating. It’s 17seconds per load so yeah by the time I’m at my dashboard it’s pushing a minute for me too.

BTW I’m a big fan of your designs, I hope they get it fixed because I want to see more :slight_smile:

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I’m at 4 seconds give or take on the landing page alone in a chrome browser. Once I sign in it slows down a bit more to around 16 seconds. Quick ping of the site tags potential errors in js scripts, css scripts, and some of the tracking scripts used on the site. There looks like there may be some dead code too? I see some errors cropping up such as js {{ avatar.avatar.url }} and image ORANGEthingiverse-01.png

Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention. To help us narrow this down a little, it’d be really helpful to have a few extra details from you for our debugging.

Broswer and Version
Operating System
Pages that load slow for you (and whether you’re logged in)
Country you’re accessing the page from
When you first noticed the issue

Our team is already looking into this, but your details would be very helpful.


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It’s slow from both my work and home system:

Accessing the pages from Canada

Pinshape has always been slow, I would say it has gradually gotten much slower over the last few months though…It’s pretty much at the point of un-usability at this point…

Chrome latest
OSX Yosemite

Chrome latest
Windows 8.0

I’m always logged in, and all the pages from the main to individual thing pages load slow.


Location: U.S.-MN
Home Browser: Latest Chrome
Work Browser: Latest Chrome and Firefox.
Phone Browser: Android Standard browser.
PC: Windows 7

Not logged in: avg 4-8 secs per page. Logged in: avg 4-16 per page.

Work internet provider: Comcast
Home internet provider: Quest.

browser : latest firefox
Operating System : win 7 x64 fully updated
Pages that load slow for you (and whether you’re logged in) : always when there is pictures of models on the page, worst when logged
Country you’re accessing the page from : canada
When you first noticed the issue : long time ago… worst with time passing (minimum since one month)

it seem that my browser “freeze” each time pinshape try to connect to Facebook related link or models picture related link

Great, thanks for all the details everyone. Andre, our CTO, will be actively working on this for the next few days to try to improve things. If you notice any big improvements or anything getting worse, please keep letting us know so we can get to the bottom of it.


Hey everyone, good news, we think we fixed the major issue.

Please retest while you are logged in and let me know how the speed is now.

The problem was related to the way we load the notifications for each user, meaning the more notifications you have, the longer it took to load. This has now been limited to loading a subset of notifications on page load.

So, for those of you who had extreme slowness, thanks for bringing it up, hopefully it’s much improved, and take some pride in knowing the reason it was so slow for you was because your work is really popular and you get a lot of notifications!



yesss:) well done … that’s night and day… now we can speak about futur :sunglasses:


Site is faster for me logged out. Still a little sluggish when signed.

Hey @tanya_Wiesner, Is the speed significantly improved over the previous performance? Is it slow on all pages?


It is actually a lot better today than when I signed in last week. Definitely see a speed improvement now.


Not for me. Just signed up. Using windows 8.1. Connecting from USA using a chrome browser. Site is unusable in my experience it take 4 seconds to scroll one a line of results. Unfortunately this has left me frustrated and exhausted. I’ll check back in a month or so to see if there is any improvement. But i gotta say i’m thoroughly turned off.

Works fine 4 me. Using an E-machine, w/32MB of RAM, 600MHz processor, running Windows 95, using Netscape, on a dial-up modem. I’m thoroughly turned-on ,)

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Hi @Give,

I wanted to see if this was an anomaly so I reached out to our dev team to take a look. Just wanted to check what page you were on when you noticed the site getting super slow?

There should be a page number you can see in your URL as you scroll through the designs. E.g.

We are aware that at page 15 the loading starts getting slower, and in the future we hope to increase the number of pages it takes for the site to start slowing down. But currently, we’ve optimized it so that the site should function perfectly fine prior to that!

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