[FIXED] Shining 3d 25% off coupon link

Attempted to follow link from Deals page and was redirected to an improper and offensive site through Google Chrome…with Explorer and Edge redirected to a dead link/page.

It did the same with Firefox(w/adblocker). I just closed it and tried again, and it directed properly.

The problem was reported 4 hours ago. I just retried and after having to refresh the screen I am taken to the home page. Also the website has no shopping cart feature other than asking for a quote. How does someone apply a 25% discount to a non existing price. To rely on getting a quote that presumably has a 25% discount is not comforting. But none the less I am happy to see that Shinning 3D fixed the link and stopped the redirecting. The page it took me would not be appropriate for the younger members of the community.

Thanks all for reporting this. We really appreciate this! We contacted them regarding the link redirect and Shining3D got back to us and a fix as soon as they could. Their web server in America was attacked! Currently in touch with someone to check on redeeming the coupon code.