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[FIXED] My uploads wont upload

when i go to my uploads it says

Your designs are being imported.
We will notify you once the process completes.

but it never stops and doesnt finish and i cant see all my uploads! whats the problem???

Hi John,

Ill pass this along to see if we can get it resolved for you. Thanks for posting this though! We will keep you posted on the results.

Hi John,

We recently had to do a fix on the importer since it went down about 2 days ago. From now on, you should be able to see the importing run daily, so your eligible designs should be visible within the next day or so.

By eligible designs, your original Thingiverse design must:

  • Have a picture that’s not just a render from Thingiverse
  • Be either .STL or .OBJ in file format

Sorry for the inconvenience!

my latest thingverse uploads are no different than the original thingservse uploads that were imported when i first signed on to pinshape. but they wont upload. just says 39/40 loading… but never finishes… hope you fix this as i have uploaded some new designs to thingverse that i would like to get to pinverse. come to think of it this option has never worked!

Hey John,

Yeah, it does seem it went down again over the weekend. The main thing is that when Thingiverse makes a change, we too have to make a change on our uploader. This should be fixed again by tomorrow and your new designs should transfer over a day after that!

As for the 39/40, are you able to identify which file isn’t transferring over? I’d love to take a look at the design to figure out what’s wrong!

i have the same issue but i open chrome’s console and saw the error. suggestions?