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[FIXED] "Failed to connect to server. Try again later" (Error)


Having difficulty uploading a design since yesterday. Keep getting “Failed to connect to server. Try again later.” Error. Have tried to upload from home and work. Design is under 20mb.

Thanks for letting us know Tanya, we’ll look into it. We recently updated our server configuration and that may have had some unintended consequences.


Might be good to try again now. Testing here it seems to work with a 19.5MB file.


Working and successfully uploaded a design. Thanks Nick!

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Go to the Start Menu
Go to the Control Panel
Click on Windows Firewall there
Click on the Turn Windows Firewall on or off feature there
Tick on “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” there
Now, Click on the ‘OK‘ button there
That’s it, Done

This May Help,