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[FIXED] Can't See All the Pictures of Uploads


Yes @dubstrike. I’m using a touchscreen laptop.


That might explain it. Thanks! I’m looking into the issue.


my laptop is also touch screen, but the comp at work is standard desktop


This is an interesting find @caitlin_le & @jerrycon

The fact that your work computer doesnt allow is interesting. Here is what I have found today. Now that it seems the issue is consistent on a touch screen Windows 10, I gave my laptop a try.

I went to an upload with multiple photos and did not have the scroll arrow either. What I did though is I used my finger to ‘swipe’ the photos towards the left which allowed me to see the other photos that were to the right in the photo line up. I was then able to tap and load each one. Are you two able to do this as well on your Touch screen? It seems simple but maybe it was overlooked :smile:


in the immortal words of the bard ‘Doh’
yep touch screen works
will have a look on Monday at my work comp (don’t tell anyone)
thanks for the very obvious answer


Its all part of it @jerrycon :slight_smile: I’ve been using the touch screen on my laptop A LOT running my small printer so when I got onto pinshape it was instinct to swipe and it worked…thought to myself, maybe it was overlooked.

Hopefully @caitlin_le will swing by and we can see if it is the same situation.




It actually works now if I touch the screen! It’s strange how Google Chrome does that but Internet Explorer doesn’t. I wonder why…

Anyways, thanks for this very obvious answer! :laughing:


Im glad that was the case as well @caitlin_le


Hello to community :grinning:.
I am sorry but the images still not change on click with chrome.


Same problem here with both firefox and chrome. I don’t see any right/left arrows and I’m unable to open images through the thumbnail display.


i ve got same problem right now, i get errors and all. this is the message i get

Good job breaking it, hero…
Something terrible happened, but don’t fret - we’ll be right on it!
The application has encountered an unexpected error and cannot display the page you requested.

In case you want to contact us about this, be sure to include the error identification so we can get at your issue more easily:



Same problem - Firefox, Windows 10. Images don’t change if I click on them, only when I touch the screen (this is a dell touchscreen desktop computer). Whatever code you’re using for your image gallery doesn’t recognize mouse-clicks on touch-enabled computers.