[FIXED] 3D Previews are Broken

I made an entery to the low poly design contest last night, https://pinshape.com/items/7825-3d-printed-pyramid-fugue-storage-trays, and noticed the 3d previews never populated. I assumed they were queued and had to be preprocessed before rendering, but even now, the next day they do not render. I checked a few uploads from other people and they all have the same problem, no 3d preview.

I checked some of my older models and they are all working, so it is something with new uploads.


I uploaded two models here and also face the same issue.




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Thanks for letting us know @richard_swika and @pkb81, it looks like we were getting enough new uploads that our render provider was a little overloaded and shut us down temporarily. We are working on getting it up and running again.


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Thank you Nick.

I tried embedding the sketchfab 3D viewer in my lastest upload just to see what would happen. If it would work it could be a temporary solution for adding 3d previews.

3D Viewer on Sketchfab
Kim Nude (NSFW)

Probably not the best idea, because it didn’t work and now I can’t edit the page at all to take the embed code out or make any other edits.

So, HELP! I don’t get any error messages when I save, it just goes back to the edit view and the changes don’t get saved. I’m stuck now with the sketchfab embed code at the bottom of my description and can’t take it out or MAKE ANY OTHER EDITS!


Hi Richard,

The dev team is looking into your listing and we’re hoping to get a fix ASAP! Thanks for flagging this with us!

Our dev team has come up with a fix and the processes are running to slowly update any designs that have errors on them. Should just be a matter of time now before all design renders have been updated and working. Thanks for your patience guys.


How long does 3D visualization take?

I have already made all the recommended fixes and no STL is displayed in the 3D view, could you see what is happening?

Sorry if I posted in a wrong place this doubt.

Using a power drill with a small piece of PLA filament instead of a drill bit, the rotating filament is pushed against the 3D printed plastic. This generates friction, which heats up the filament and softens it. The filament is then free to fill in a crack or weld plastic together.

Rachel Gomez