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Fake designers that steals the work of others

Hi guys. I open this topic to inform all of you that here in Pinshape there are supposed designers who steal the work / design of others and this is not all apart from stealing your work they are making money with your work. what is incomprehensible is that Pinsape has let this happen for whatever it is (error, etc …). the user and suposed designer is called - Facundo Viale - and it’s about my work named (Self powered Motor / Generator & Arduino speed / voltage controled) and now he changed the name in (Electromagnetic Generator 10 kW Free energy device (MINI)). It’s using even my images not only my design.This is incomprehensible both on the part of the supposed designer and on the part of Pinshape.

Hi, if you want under the button purchase/download there is a “report this design” button, so you can report it to Pinshape’s moderators (I think it’s impossible to check every file if it’s a copy of an original design so if you find something wrong just flag the design).

However… I also read all comments under your project and you can’t produce 400w with only an input of 80w, you can obtain more voltage of course (just check boost converters) but you can’t obtain more power. In your video the led will absorb max 50mA, so 0.05A*3V(as you stated in the description)*54(number of coils) equal to 8.1W, not 400W.
From your project description: “another test with 8 coils generate current and a bridge rectifier to convert AC to DC (50v) but the current will have a significant drop of voltage to 20v-25v when connect a consumer.”, the drop of voltage simply means that you don’t have enough power to supply the load, hence voltage (and current) drop.
Test with no load are meaningless because your output power is 0.

So you should also avoid to sell this kind of project claiming it can generate more power than it consume (in the title by removing the “self powered” and all the comments to people), your design is simply a normal generator, like a dynamo.


Hi Stefano. First of all this topic is to alarm all of you ( designers or not ) that this person is doing this, stealing some others design/work and selling this like his own work. I just reported this a few days ago and nothing is happening, the design it’s there. It’s not hard to see that it’s not original work ( all my designs are marked with my own signature very hard to see with open eyes, dimensions, weight, etc… it’s use even my own images that I have made in my home ) If we read the CC (Creative Commons) licenses you have to give attribution to designer, non-commercial, and no derivations ( you have this in your own designs). If I read your comment it’s like ok for you and the “problem” that you see is way I am selling this and if it’s give results or not. This post is not to question if is black or white, if is tall or small if it’s gives results or not. You are nobody to tell me that I have to remove any comments,description of my work like I am nobody to tell you that you have to remove description/comments from your work. If in your comment give your opinion I personally respect that but I repeat, you are nobody to tell me to remove comments/descriptions/designs. I personally don’t want to happend same think to anybody but if somebody steal your work that you sell like ( foldable RC car stand ) and sell this with another price What you will think? and I came here to judge you and comment your work like ( foldable yeee hmmm 2 sticks and a square you name this foldable you have “remove” this and say like “ by putting 2 sticks it’s make this design foldable?” ) I am pretty sure that you do not like what I just say and is normal. Let’s done this right and give credits to his real owner and have this community free of fake designers beacouse I am very sure that no one wants to se his work stolen free or buying it.

Hi, first of all sorry if my response made you hangry, probably I wrote something wrong. I didn’t mean that stealing designs is ok, in fact I supposed that you didn’t already report this thing and I explained you how to do (I understood your message wrong and this is my fault), I also appreciate that you informed all of us (including me) and I hope that the fake copy of your design will be removed as soon as possible.

Let’s move to the second part of my previous message, I didn’t and I don’t want to disparage your design, I just wanted to give you an advice (sorry again if this made you hangry, it wasn’t my intention), I just made the math and stated that what you were saying was misleading (or wrong), I simply wanted to make constructive comments in fact I suggested you a possible modification.
I accept your comment on my design but you didn’t stated how I can improve the title :slight_smile:

Sorry for my poor english, I hope that the message is understandable.

Hi again Stefano also I am not a native English speaker and we understood you perfectly. And I am not mad or anything I am just upset on this situation and the worse part is that I messaged to pinshape admin I have reported 5 or 6 days ago and nothing is happend so I have some question: Our work is really safe here??? When we upload a design in pinshape, any pinshape admin reviews/check the design authenticity??? We really are the real designers on all the designs uploaded in pinshape???

Pinshape just replay to my message and they remove the stolen design from pinshape and banned the user. But the questions remains.

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