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Failed to connect to server. Try again later


Hi guys !! I get this message every time I try to upload design.
The files are under 25 Mb , some advice ?


Hi @Valerio_Bellia,

Going to get someone to look into this for you! Will let you know when we figure out what’s the issue!


Hi @Valerio_Bellia,

It seems you’ve uploaded a new design since I’ve last messaged you! Are you still having this issue? Or has it resolved itself?



I have the same problem, if I want to upload a ZIP file.

I try to upload a new set (ZIP, ca. 7 MB) with 41 STL files, but that does not work. After the upload comes only this error message: “Failed to connect to server. Try again later”

Single STL files can be uploaded without an error message.


I’ve figured out what caused the problem.

The system can not handle German filenames with ä, ö, ü in the ZIP. I translated everything in English, then it worked.


I’m having the same issue with a zip file. Tried to rename it without spaces and using only English words, but nothing. Same thing for the Browser, either on Google or on Edge nothing changed.
I can’t upload just the stl, as there is a customizable (as well as necessary) solidworks file too.
Any help? It is getting quite frustrating.