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Experienced Freelance Designer for Hire!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Liz Landis and I am an experienced 3D modeler and designer. I live in California and I am a formally trained artist with a bachelor of fine arts degree from Ringling College of Art and Design.

In the past I have worked with clients on things like high fashion jewelry collections, figures, and toy designs.

Here are a couple of my client testimonials:

" Liz is an awesome 3D artist whom I initially got in touch with because of her great portfolio. She understood my needs perfectly and dealt with each of my requests professionally. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a 3D brief that needs tackling; her creative ability combined with her patience is why I would not hesitate to work with her again.”
— Thai Hoang, Junior Graphic Designer at Markettiers4dc

“(Ms.) Landis is one of the most talent 3D modelers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a fine attention to detail and I was remarked at how self motivated she was while working on a project here at Enemy Spawn. Some contractors require lots direction. Liz seemed to be able to read my mind more often than not and take action without the issue ever becoming a concern of mine. I will be working again with her in the future.”
— Alexander Barnes, Director at Enemy Spawn

Here are some examples of my 3D printed works:

You can check out the rest of my work at or on my pinshape profile : Pinshape

My modeling tools of choice are primarily Maya and ZBrush. In addition to the modeling and sculpting services I offer, I can also texture models for full color printing if needed.

The cost of my services depends on the complexity of the object to be created. Please send me reference images and detailed measurements for an accurate quote.

I will work with you on optimizing models for print-ability in the material of your choice and for lowest cost so that you get the best end result possible!

Please contact me with any design inquiries you may have at [email protected].

I would love to hear about your ideas and help you bring them to life!

Thanks for reading!