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Error message when trying to purchase design


running MacOs Mojave and Safari browser but don’t think this is relevant. Cheers Thomas


I have the same issue. I am unable to make purchases. Is there any update to this?


Me too, who can help us?


I just had the same problem, I just emailed their support email address so hopefully that will resolve something.


I have been told that someone is having this issue purchasing a design from me. I have checked my account settings and everything appears to be in order. Has there been any update to what needs to be done to correct this?


I have same issue, is it normal. Cant conntact designer but I really need desing. This stripe site dont support my country so I dont know whot to do.

How can I get in conntact with designer from this link.


I have the same problem! I have two designs I really would like to buy, but I can’t…


Same problem here. Who’s responsible for this shop, the Pinshape or the creator him/herself?



I have the same exact problem, and man it is frustrating, been trying for over a week now. But i Cannot come in contact with Pinshape on any of their online services (email,facebook,forum).

We need a solution right now!

Let pinshape step forward and fix this!!!


Same issue, first time buying here. what is this shit?


Same for me, try it four time -always the same massage


I’m unable to make any purchases either. Same error message.


Same issue also. Does Pinshape check these forums at all? Tried to contact them but there doesn’t seem to be a method fro that either.


There is an email address on the forums: [email protected]

I’m having the same problem. Everyone should report this problem there.


do it two time, but the support doesn’t answer…(great support)


This as happen to 3 times already, contacted support and no answer has come true, the only thing I have been doing is redirect customers to a different website and that is just bad, but there is nothing else i can do.


Well in the middle of a pandemic you can only hope those people are okay. No one was getting responses before though


yes you are saying right!