Einstart-s hardware: How to take apart?

Hey so recently I had an issue with the Einstart-s printer. It seems that the extruder is catching on the filament causing under extrusion on all my prints (has a clicking noise as it prints).

So now I want to take apart the printer to see what might be causing the issue but Shining3D has no information on taking it apart. I think once I can take the plastic cover off the extruder I should be able to see it. I’m scared of taking the filament feeding tubes out though because I don’t know what the release mechanism for it is.

I was wondering if any other Einstart owners took apart their Einstart printer?

@tanya_Wiesner? Not sure if you’ve taken apart the Einstart, but perhaps you may have some ideas on the plastic top on the extruder? Does it seem hard to take apart?

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To remove the feeding tube,press down on the blue tab surrounding the feeding tube as you pull it out.

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Okay thanks! I’ll try that out.

The “clicking”(or"ticking")noise, is the extruder motor skipping steps(no damage), b/c the temp is too low, and it can’t push the filament into the heat tube(chamber/nozzle)
If you are still getting some extrusion, then there is no problem with the extruder. (but if you ever do get a complete jam, then knowing how to remove the “bowden tube”, and hand forcing the filament into the extruder, while hot, and in the loading cycle, is a skill you’ll need to know)

I’m looking at the default setting in 3dStart, and I see 195C @ 50mm/s. Either raise the temp, or lower the “print speed”. Try 200C. If it is a small print item(>2x2"), then 195*C is ok, just lower the speed to 35or40mm/s. This is the art of 3d printing. You have to learn to balance the energies (temp & speed) that you use, to match the size and detail of a print object.(also to your specific machine, and slicer characteristics)

Protip: Measuring your filament for proper diameter is also important, but I see 3dStart does not have a dialog box to specify that. (So, get out the calculator, we’re going to have to do this the hard way).
Instead, they have the old-fashion “extruder speed”. Meaning: the default is 50mm/min (=0.833mm/s). That is crazy! e.g. 1.75mm / .83mm/s, would = 2.10mm filament ???
Or, (actual condition) 1.75mm x .83mm/s, would = 1.45mm filament. SO, ofcourse it is going to “under extrude”.
When you are ready to experiment a little more, try setting it to 60mm/min, (=1mm/s) (=100% of filament diameter)
Once you have measured the actual diameter, you can use this math to tweak their “extruder speed”, to dial in the filament perfectly.

historical sidenote: RepG and Makerware were infamous for using this antiquated formula. Their default filament size was 1.83mm, and “extrusion rate” was .9, = 1.64mm. That was b/c, back then, filament size did actually vary that much.
Modern slicers allow you set it to 1.7xx (within 1,000th of a mm = very precise)
So, when filament makers claim to be within .05%, that is actually very sloppy(1.75 +/- .05% = 1.64 to 1.83)

Hang in there. It’s easier than sounds. It just takes time to figure-out the different approaches to any given problem. And advice terminology will differ, depending on which machine or slicer that folks are using.



Thanks for all the advice! I took what you said and tried increasing to a higher temperature (205C) and a test print came out fine!

The reason this problem was weird to me was that I have used the default(quality) settings of the 3dStart for many of prints using the same filament with no issues. Just suddenly stopped working.

Anyways thanks again,and yes I have to keep experimenting to see what settings would be best.

Excellent. I like 205, better layer bonding. That is probably as high, and fast, as you want to go for now, until you look into adding an additional cooling fan,w/shroud, that blows directly on the print, to prevent stringing. You’ll actually get better prints then (nice crisp corners). But, no rush, perfect your skills that this level first.


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This sounds great, but I cant find the extruder speed setting in 3D Star. Can you show how to access it?