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[DONE] Site browsing


From the Main pinshape site you can get to Forums, Blog, and Contests…From the Blog you can get to the forum and the main site. From the Forums there is no link back to anywhere…It would be cool to have links from each of the sections to the other sections.

I find myself often retyping the URL when I’m done in the forums…


I noticed the same! it would be nice to be able to access Pinshape’s homepage, simply by clicking on the top left logo!


Great point Dan, I’ll see what I can do in the next day or two to make this easier. We are slightly limited by the forum software we’re using, but I agree, it should be easier. Let me look into that!



With the help of @misstoriz, I’ve updated the navigation here on the Forum and I’ll be updating the blog right away too. Let me know if this is ok for now. Not the best looking, but it works.



That works great!



Fantastic! Thank you @nick_schwing and @misstoriz!